Increase uTorrent speed using Torrent Ratio Keeper

I found Torrent Ratio Keeper pretty easy to use. Everything seemed to set up intuitively, and quickly. You should be able to install it, follow the wizard program, and quickly see it increase uTorrent speed. Just in case though, here's my quick start guide to the "Monster Version" to get you going.

1. Run the installer and start up the program.

2. The first page of the wizard will appear where you can set the general preferences for upload/download percentages. The options are pretty obvious, letting you set how much you want it to increase the amount you appear to be uploading, and how much to decrease the amount you appear to be downloading. You can adjust this all later, so just pick a reasonable value for now.

3. The wizard will tell you to start up your torrent client. In my case, I popped open uTorrent. It quickly detected it, and I hit "finish" – all set!

Now it will start applying the settings you chose to all your torrents. If you picked to increase upload by 150%, it will tell the tracker you've uploaded about 1.5megs for every 1meg you actually upload. I say "about 1.5meg" because it has a clever feature, called "Smart Traffic Multiply." When this is enabled (which it is, by default,) it will randomize the percentage by a small amount, making your traffic look more natural. In the long run it will still average out to around 150% (or whatever you've set,) and you'll see it increase uTorrent speed as a result.

At this point I started thinking about another thing; there were a few trackers that I wanted different settings for. No problem, TRK had me covered. On its advanced tab, I found that I could edit settings for any tracker I was connected to, or even disable TRK's boost entirely on specific trackers.

By now, all the basics are covered, and you barely had to do any work at all. It's managed to increase uTorrent speed, because the other people connected to the torrent think you've uploaded more.

There are a few extra "Expert" settings, which let you manipulate your torrent traffic even more.

  • "Seeder Mode" lets you keep the client from reporting downloads at all. The tracker will think you're a seeder at this point.
  • "Emulate Upload Problems" is similar, but on the upload side of things – your client won't report uploads anymore.
  • "Turn off smart traffic multiply" might be useful on a few trackers, it disables the random upload percentage adjustments. I haven't enabled this option; I like to leave the smart mode on, everywhere.

So that's all there is to it, within a few minutes of downloading the program, you can increase uTorrent speed, grabbing your torrents faster and boosting your ratio by quite a bit.