How to increase uTorrent speed

You know that little column that says "ratio" in uTorrent? You not think it would have anything to do with allowing you to increase uTorrent speed. I never paid much attention to it in the past. On some trackers, I'd watch until it hit 1.000 or higher before I stopped seeding, to get more credit, but that's about the limit.

It seems there's more to ratio than just tracker credits though. The BitTorrent spec details its "choking" mechanism, part of which involves your ratio. The seeders and leechers are all automatically looking at your ratio, and using it to decide how much to send to you. If you've got a high ratio on a torrent, they will send you a lot more than they would if you've got a low ratio. This is the key factor that Torrent Ratio Keeper uses to increase uTorrent speed.

It let me set a few simple sliders and settings, and boost how much uTorrent told the tracker I'd uploaded. I got the "Monster" version so that I could completely control that. It lets me set it to multiply how much I'd uploaded by huge amounts – that translates into lots of ratio, with you only having to upload a fraction of the amount! Now when your peers look at you, they see someone who seems to have uploaded massive amounts of data, and they respond by sending you much more data than they would have otherwise.

Now you can see why I said it's able to actually increase uTorrent speed – and it does that on any tracker, any torrent, and with any peers.