Increase uTorrent speed F.A.Q.

After using the program a little bit, I started to wonder about how safe this was. I don't want to get banned from some of my favorite trackers, just to increase uTorrent speed. And what about security, I know this thing adjusts my traffic somehow, could anyone be doing something malicious though that?

It turns out I had nothing to worry about. The Torrent Ratio Keeper FAQ addresses these issues pretty thoroughly, but I wanted to check a couple other sources. After searching around a little more, here's what I found:

  • Could I get banned? – Not really. It's adjusting the traffic values reported to the tracker for up/download. The tracker can't detect that you're doing this, the spec is pretty clear-cut in how the whole process works. The spec is a little dry, but in essence, the upload/download values are reported to the tracker and there's not much checking done. If the tracker admins were to check for odd looking traffic, the "Smart Traffic Multiply" feature in TRK makes it all look natural. The only odd case where you could have problems is if you really boosted your upload a lot, well beyond what any internet service in your region offers. For most people this isn't a problem, and if you're in an area where ISPs limit upload bandwidth a lot, you probably know it already – so just use your common sense when setting the boost settings.
  • Is it secure? – Yes! In fact, it can be more secure than running without it, in theory. Normally for BitTorent, you have to forward ports on your router to get maximum connectivity, and in turn, get the best ratio you can (and increase uTorrent speed.) However, with TRK, you could often skip this step. If there are very many peers, you could just keep the port closed, and with TRK's boost to your upload, you'll still look like an attractive peer for the rest of your peers to send data to. Your ratio will stay high, keeping uTorrent's speed high, and you'll be even more secure than before since the port will be closed. As mentioned here with an open port, you always have a higher risk of things like viruses getting through, or even a virus specifically written to attack uTorrent. The closed port minimizes this risk.
  • Does it keep any information on the torrents I get? – Nope, none. It's adjusting the traffic stats, nothing else.

Overall, the program is very safe to use. Besides letting you increase uTorrent speed, it also gives you some more options than you would have had without it, like potentially leaving your ports closed.