Increase uTorrent speed

Recently I decided to go looking for a way to increase uTorrent speed. Oh, sure, it's great already. It's got low memory usage, quick UI, an overall slim and fast program.

But then there's the network end of things. It's not uTorrent's fault, you know. It's just the way torrents work. Some days they just crawl along, barely moving at all. I knew there had to be a better way.

It turns out that there is. A lovely little program called "Torrent Ratio Keeper" solved my speed problems, and it's been able to increase uTorrent speed for me quite a bit.

I chose the "Monster Version" since it seemed to offer the most options, and powerful features. I've been using it now for the last two weeks, and my download speeds have been great. On top of that, my ratio on the trackers I regularly use has gone through the roof. I never realized before just how much of a difference your ratio makes, but using this program has been a real eye opener. It was able to increase uTorrent speed, finally letting me get the files I wanted, in less time. The program almost seems too good to be true – but now that it's been running a while, and I've seen the results myself, I really highly recommend it. Here's some of the cool things about it…